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The Matrix ReloadedThe Matrix Revolutions
DOUBLE FEATURE Thursday 12th December at 7:30pm

The Matrix Reloaded [M]

The Matrix Revolutions [M]

Natural Born Killers
SINGLE FEATURE Friday 13th December at 7:30pm

Natural Born Killers [R18+]

Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood
SINGLE FEATURE Saturday 14th December at 7:30pm

Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood [MA15+]

The Wizard of Oz - 80th Anniversary
SINGLE FEATURE Sunday 15th December at 2pm

The Wizard of Oz - 80th Anniversary [PG]

SINGLE FEATURE Sunday 15th December at 4pm

Labyrinth [PG]

The Tingler13 Ghosts
DOUBLE FEATURE Sunday 15th December at 7pm

The Tingler [CTC]

13 Ghosts [M]

A Clockwork Orange
SINGLE FEATURE Monday 16th December at 7:30pm

A Clockwork Orange [R18+]

Gorillaz: Reject False Icons
SINGLE FEATURE Wednesday 18th December at 7:30pm

Gorillaz: Reject False Icons [CTC]

Hedwig and the Angry InchMy Own Private Idaho
DOUBLE FEATURE Thursday 19th December at 7:30pm

Hedwig and the Angry Inch [MA15+]

My Own Private Idaho [MA15+]

Blinded by the LightBooksmart
DOUBLE FEATURE Friday 20th December at 7:30pm

Blinded by the Light [CTC]

Booksmart [MA15+]

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